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Celebrating Diversity – Uniting Communities

At Joanne Xperience, we're more than just event organizers; we're architects of multicultural experiences. Our mission is to celebrate the rich tapestry of global cultures through our distinctive popup events, featuring an exhilarating blend of food, arts, entertainment, and networking. We bring together people from all walks of life to share, learn, and connect in an atmosphere of joy and inclusivity.

Our events are not just about enjoyment; they're platforms for industry-specific dialogues and panels. We invite experts and professionals from diverse fields to discuss trends, challenges, and innovations, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and professional growth.

Professional Event Management Services

Joanne Xperience

In our commitment to building stronger, interconnected communities, we also extend our expertise to offer professional event management services. Whether it's for businesses, organizations, or government agencies, we ensure that each event we manage reflects our passion for diversity and excellence.

Joanne C. Rene

Founder & CEO

Joanne C. Rene began her career working at the luxurious and highly acclaimed Four Seasons Hotel Boston, over 17 years ago. This renowned establishment set a solid foundation for her professional journey and enabled her to develop essential skills along the way.

With prior experiences in Boston and New York City, Joanne had the unique opportunity to be a part of promoting and selling these First-tier cities. In doing so, these cities provided her with a diverse range of experiences which helped foster an admirable understanding of how cities are marketed and operate in the hospitality industry. 

Her work at Meet Boston formerly the Greater Boston CVB offered her an opportunity to be a part of something special – enabling travelers from around the world to experience all that is enchanting and historic Boston has to offer. With its stunning monuments and rich history, luxurious hotels, vibrant tech growth & culture, celebrated sports teams, and exciting arts scene. During her stint with NYC & Company, she experienced firsthand how New York City’s unparalleled energy and diversity make the city such an attractive destination for thousands of travelers each year. Furthering Joanne’s ability to facilitate exceptional events within Boston’s political center, she led the events team at the Massachusetts State House, crafting memorable experiences while engaging with state representatives, senators, and elected officials. 

And most recently, during Joanne’s employment at the National League of Cities (NLC), she had the opportunity to collaborate and plan over 45 meetings, conferences and events, each year, that brought local and national stakeholders together in a designated city across the US. From start to finish, it was a rewarding experience for her to help shape the event architecture and pick out intricate details such as venues, menus, transportation and overall logistics of the meetings and events alongside working with strategic sponsorship partners such as Square. Taking all this into consideration, Joanne and her team were able to successfully execute each function without fail. They had the honor of having renowned speakers, including Elon Musk,  Magic Johnson, Artist Common and then Kamala Harris Presidential Candidate keynoting some of these extraordinary events.

Joanne has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who in America as the mastermind behind “Bringing the Taste of Haiti and Black Cuisine to cities across the US and Canada”, a noteworthy recognition that bears testament to her outstanding contributions to the hospitality industry.

Thank you for your support!

Joanne Carmelle Rene
Founder and CEO

Marquis Who's Who in America

Joanne has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who in America

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