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A hub of multicultural popup experiences and professional events. Joanne Xperience is dedicated to celebrating diversity through our unique popup events that showcase the best in food, arts, entertainment, and networking.

In addition to these offerings, we also facilitate industry-specific conversations and panels, bringing together experts and professionals from various fields to discuss trends, challenges, and innovations in their respective areas.


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We're thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Square, a global leader in payment processing and business solutions. Square is on a mission to change how businesses run.

We're committed to building stronger, interconnected communities.

Marquis Who's Who in America

Joanne has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who in America


A World of Cultures with Joanne Xperience!

Celebrating Diversity – Uniting Communities

Ready to create unforgettable events? Whether you're interested in attending our vibrant pop events or seeking professional event management services, the Joanne Xperience team is here to assist you.

Food Is Art

Food Is Culture

Food Is Love

A Chance to Experience Something New and Different in your City

Food as Identity

Food plays an important role in our identity. The foods we eat reflect our culture and heritage. When we try new foods from other cultures, it can open our minds and help us to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world we live in.

Food as a Connection

It's no secret that food is essential for survival. Beyond the basic nutrients that it provides, it plays a much bigger role in our lives. Food is a way to connect with others, and a representation of our culture and identity, which is what Joanne believe these pop-ups will do for everyone across the United States and Canada.
“In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and relentless, food is one of the few things that remains constant. It serves to remind us that no matter what else is going on in our lives, we always have something to look forward to. Something that makes us feel loved, comforted, and alive.”
Joanne C. Rene

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Connecting Communities through Food, Culture & Art

January, 2024 - New Haven, CT

Boston, MA

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